General Questions

  • Intel® Core™ i5 Processor or higher
  • Windows 10 Home 64-bit
  • 16GB RAM or higher
  • NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 970 or higher
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10

NVIDIA GeForce or Quadro cards.

The AMD/Intel cards are technically supported but have not been fully tested.

Any WebGL enabled browser is technically supported, but we recommend using MAC, Firefox or Chrome.

No. The new CL3VER version is NOT compatible with the 2016 CL3VER version (3.3).

You will be able to use it without any change. You can access CL3VER 2016 (3.3) through this link.

No, the installer automatically detects which versions are installed.

No, you can have the same name in many projects. If you choose you can overwrite the project when uploading from the option in the upload menu.

Yes, the invited user receives an email with the link to register in CL3VER.

Yes, for enterprise accounts

At the moment CL3VER does not support mobile devices.


  • Left mouse click.
    • Clicking and dragging your left mouse key rotates the target about the camera.
  • Right mouse click
    • Clicking and dragging your right mouse key rotates the camera about the target.
  • Scroll wheel click
    • Clicking and dragging the scroll wheel pans the view.
  • Scroll wheel
    • Zoom in
    • Zoom out


  • W: Zoom in
  • A: Zoom out
  • S: Left
  • D: Right
  • Q: Down
  • E: Up

(You can also use the regular arrow keys for the same functionalities of WASD)

  • View – The invited user can only view the presentation.
  • Edit – The invited user can use all functionalities except except for removing or sharing the project.
  • Comment – The invited user can only add comments.

No, the account can only have one active session.

At the end of the process a message should appear on your screen. We’re working on having an indicator while the project is exporting.


Verify in your GPU Control panel if the set graphics card for CL3VER and Browser is the dedicated GPU.

We recommend using Geforce cards, they are optimized for real time scenes as opposed to the Quadro cards.

Make sure you don’t export from an orthographic view, only views supported are Perspective and Cameras.

If you cannot open a project in the cloud, perhaps you don’t have webgl activated. You must:

  • Verify if in the browser the WebGL complement is activated.
  • If in the browser it is active, check that your latest drivers updates isn’t breaking webgl.

In the bottom bar you have a ‘Interactive Navigation’ option for show or hide the icons.

In the bottom bar you have a ‘Navigation Speed’ option to calibrate the movement scale of the navigation.

Check that V-Ray for 3dsMax is installed.

We have a version control for each new version of our plugins. If we do changes that affect the latest version on the cloud or that has a considerable improvement in the product, we push for an update of your plugin. Follow the website link and enjoy the new version!

Probably there is a connection issue with the server, close the dialog box and try to upload again.

We always recommend uninstalling from the Control Panel of Windows, sometimes we’ve experienced problems with other uninstall software.

Revit plugin

Photometric web lights.

CL3VER supports the Sun path of Revit, but has the possibility to change the sun with the daylight feature respecting the location of the project.

3D Views exported to CL3VER have the same sun position associated to them as in each Revit view.

If you have section cuts in the model the exportation time increases because we must re-export all the cut geometries for each different cut.

No, you cannot select two different disciplines at the same time, but you have the Coordination discipline like in Revit, this is the fusion of all.

No, we don’t export the geometry of that workset and the option of the menu related with that disappears.

You cannot export to CL3VER without 3D Views.

  • There is no limit, but this depends on the complexity and data included in the scene.
  • There is no specific limitation, just exporting time can be long.
  • Home – Open CL3VER homepage in the browser.
  • 3D views – Single -> Export the current 3dview.
  • 3D views – All Views -> Export all 3d views in the project..
  • Project – Complete -> Export all project.
  • Workspace -> Opens the workspace in the browser.
  • VR -> Opens the current view in VR.
  • Online help -> Redirects to FAQ page.

3DS Max plugin

  • V-Ray light: Dome, Plane, Spherical
  • V-Ray Sun
  • Standard: Directional, Omni, Spot
  • V-Ray2SidedMtl
  • V-RayBlendMtl
  • V-RayCarPaintMtl
  • V-RayFastSSS2
  • V-RayLightMtl
  • V-RayMtl
  • V-RayMtlWrapper
  • V-RayOverrideMtl
  • Advanced Lighting Override
  • Architectural
  • Blend
  • Multi/Sub-Object
  • Shell Material
  • Shellac
  • Standard
  • Top/Bottom

Scenes above 600mb can result in a slow performance.

We strongly recommend NOT to use images above 100MB

There is no exact limit, it depends on poly count, number of lights, textures, proxies and the user’s machine.

Yes, use instances to reduce export time and to improve performance.

For now, proxies in CL3VER act like standard geometry.

No, the plugin only exports the geometry that is visible in the viewport.

No, currently we are supporting geometry, V-Ray/standard materials, V-Ray/standard lights and cameras.

No, the cameras supported are all Standard Cameras (Physical, Target and Free).

CL3VER does not support the camera or V-Ray exposure settings, it has its own auto-exposure system. You can adjust the post-production settings on the bottom bar menu.

Buttons from left to right.

  • Home – Open CL3VER homepage in the browser.
  • Export scene.
  • Opens the workspace in the browser.
  • VR – Opens the scene in VR mode
  • Online help – Redirects to FAQ page.


Yes, you can prepare your presentation and when you export, all the steps will be saved too.

You can toggle the visibility of the Disciplines, Worksets or model links that you would like active on each step.

Yes, you can change the order of each step by dragging & dropping it in the desired order.

You must place each button on a geometry, if you locate it in 3D space, the button is placed in 3D space and therefore gives the impression of floating during camera transitions.

No, you can create the needed number of steps.


  • One plugin
  • 20 projects
  • Single workspace
  • Online sharing **
  • Offline presentations
  • Virtual Reality in one click

** 10GB/25GB transfer limit

  • Two plugins *
  • 50 projects
  • Unlimited workspaces (coming soon)
  • Online sharing **
  • Collaboration tools
  • Offline presentations
  • Virtual Reality in one click

*Plus 2 plugins in Beta for SketchUp & Rhino

** 10GB/25GB transfer limit

If you want information about how to become a reseller, please contact us at

  • Flexible: You’re billed monthly only for active licenses. You can add or remove licenses at any time. You will be charged only for the time the licenses were active.
  • Annual plan: You’re billed annually and get 20% off*
    • What if I want to add new licenses for Annual Plan?
      You can add new licenses whenever you want and the same commitment will apply to them.
    • What happens if I want to cancel my subscription?
      If you cancel your subscription before the year finishes, you still pay for the full year.

* With the commitment of paying a full year’s subscription.

It’s coming soon! If you want us to keep you informed, please send us an email to, and tell us to know you a little better: What’s your Education Center, Name, Position, how many licenses you’re interested in, etc.

Entry package:10GB/month

Pro package: 25GB/month

Please contact us providing detailed information via our contact form, selecting the subject “Sales” and we’ll get in contact in up to 48h.