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Interactive Presentations Ideal for Product Marketing

Interactive Presentations Ideal for Product Marketing

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 A new immersive way to explore products and their features.

Looking for new solutions that increase engagement with your target audience while shortening the sales cycle?
CL3VER interactive product presentations are perfect for your needs.

At this year’s MWC, the CL3VER Smartwatch Demo captured the attention of a number of retailers who have requested the production of 3D configurators that will be appearing on websites and retail locations during the coming months.

We are currently working with these retailers to build configurators that will allow them to:

  • Engage with customers through visual storytelling
  • Track customer behavior through Google Analytics
  • Connect with the target audience on any device

CL3VER Smartwatch 3D Configurator

Today we are sharing an example of the demo that we presented at MWC – Smartwatch Configurator. It has been created to show how CL3VER Studio can create content that allows for your product to be delivered as an immersive 3D presentation. This enables your audience to both interact with the product and explore different ranges and styles.


Thanks to the simple interface it is easy to explore the product. In the initial view, you can rotate the model with the left mouse button and zoom by using scroll. Then use the right arrow button to navigate to the next view of the product in order to see the different parts of the product. Finally, the overview section shows three static views of the product that allows the audience to see the product from the most flattering angles.  





In the “Configure” section, the “Build” panel allows you to configure your model. You can customize the watch bezel, band and face. You can select your preferred color and view multiple digital faces as well. In the “Resume” panel, you will check the details of your selection.





In this section, the user can view all the relevant information about the Smartwatch components.





In our Smartwatch demo, you can experience how Cl3VER can enhance your product marketing strategy.
If you are looking for ways to make your next product presentation more engaging and interactive, request your free Cl3VER demo now


3D interactive presentations; new product, same vision

3D interactive presentations; new product, same vision

CL3VER at RTC North America 2016

CL3VER at RTC North America 2016

Cinema at Mies Pavilion Sponsored by CL3VER

Cinema at Mies Pavilion Sponsored by CL3VER