Tutorial – Offline Publishing

CL3VER offline publishing

The project shown in the screenshots for this tutorial is based on the Green Building Tour. To open it, login to your Cl3VER account. Click on the Sample Projects tab, then on Green Building Tour. In the dialog that appears, click “Create“.

Download the CL3VER scene

Once you have saved your project, you can download the scene file with extension .html to be able to open it with any browser that support WebGL and view the projects without Internet connection.

Select “Download” from the “Publish” menu.
Offline scene 1

A dialog box is opened. This is just to inform you that we would like to receive your feedback about this new feature in order to improve it, click “Continue“.
Offline Scene 2

A dialog box is opened confirming you that the project has been correctly saved and that it can be downloaded. Click on “Click here to download it“.
Offline scene 3

Once the file is downloaded you can open it with any browser that support WebGL.