An online cloud-based authoring and publishing platform for interactive 3D on the web

An online cloud-based authoring and publishing platform for interactive 3D on the web

A multidevice platform at your services in the browser
No software, no plugin needed!

CL3VER is the web-based solution that lets you create, publish and share interactive 3d presentations to engage stakeholders, prospects and clients on any device. The use of the cloud enables a seamless workflow from your 3D modeling software to a collaborative environment. Finally, CL3VER is based on HTML5 and WebGL making your presentations instantly available on any web browser on PC, Mac & Mobile, actionable via mouse or Touch screen. Create once and publish on any device.
Create once publish anywhere

Real-Time Lightmaps

Forget about long rendering times and powerful hardware investments

The revolutionizing universal GPU-based Real-Time lightmap rendering system automatically calculates the lightmaps of the 3D scene in real-time. That allows to instantly see the final scene illumination after any change while you are working on the presentation.

Lightmap settings

The CL3VER lightmaps technology offers total control on the lightmap calculation to optimize for speed and quality that best suit your project.

Automatic Real Time Lightmaps
Importing Vray from Autodesk 3ds max

V-Ray Materials importing

Fully supported from Autodesk 3ds Max

If you are a 3ds Max user you will be able to create astonishing browser based 3D presentations of your projects by exporting your 3ds Max model with V-Ray materials using our one click export plugin.

A secure collaborative platform

Share & collaborate

Your projects in CL3VER are for your eyes only, until you decide to share them. Collaborate with your team members and clients by quickly inviting them to view or edit the presentation. All the project stakeholders will always be in sync with the latest version and be able to collaborate without having to send files to get their feedback. [+] Learn More

Collaborative and secure sharing system
AWS Standard Technology Partner

Security Guaranteed

Every project in CL3VER stays safe no matter what happens to your smartphone, tablet or computer. CL3VER employs Amazon’s S3 service, a highly durable storage infrastructure designed for mission-critical and primary data storage. An additional level of security is provided by an SSL security protocol used to encrypt CL3VER projects.

Importing from any 3D software

One click export plugins

CL3VER integrates with main BIM and 3d software. The native export plugins for Autodesk Revit, 3ds Max, Rhino and SketchUp allow to export the model geometry, hierarchy, materials and textures with one click. [+] Learn More

Import from autodesk revit, 3ds max, rhino, sketchup

Importing via drag&drop

In CL3VER .fbx, .3ds, .dae, .kmz, .stl, .obj 3d files can be imported by simply dragging and dropping them into the editor interface even if compressed into a zip file. [+] Learn More

Import big files

Thanks to the automatic optimization system and instancing support, you can now import 3D files up to 2Gb in size and 30 Million polygons with the guarantee of a fast real-time rendering on any device. [+] Learn More

An intuitive editor in the browser

The CL3VER editor is accessible anytime and anywhere via the Google Chrome web browser. Its simple interface makes the creation workflow more intuitive to guarantee a faster time to market of your projects.

Online Editor

No software nor expensive hardware needed. The CL3VER editor is cloud based and available via the Google Chrome web browser. You just have to log into your account and your can start create and edit your 3D presentations anytime and anywhere. [+] Learn More

Adding interactivity easily

Create from scratch and edit UI graphic elements and add interactivity and animation to your presentation without programming. A simple drag&drop system allows to create virtual tours, animate elements, change meshes color, show cross sections, and much more. No need to have a developer at your side, the power of interactive 3D is now in the hands of architects and designers in one single editor. [+] Learn More

Intuitive Editor in the browser
iOS App

iOS App, 3D on iPad and iPhone

Create branded 3D experiences for iPad and iPhone

3D content created with CL3VER is automatically available on iPad and iPhone allowing clients and team members to have immersive experiences on iOS devices, on and offline. There is no need to adapt the presentation, CL3VER does it for you. You focus on 3D content, we take care of the rest! [+] Learn MoreDownload on the App store

Easy Publishing

Sharing and embedding

Once the scene is set you can publish the presentation and make it available on a simple url. Gives the scene a title and description to make it searchable via search engines, and share it via email or social media. Alternatively you can embed it on any website via a simple iFrame. [+] Learn More

Offline publishing

Once the scene is created it can be downloaded as a .html file and opened with any internet browser that supports WebGL. No matter where you are, at an event, at the client offices, at the construction or production site or anywhere else your CL3VER Presentations are always available. [+] Learn More

Multimedia file Integration

Multimedia file Integration

Integrate videos and images into your 3D presentation

Customize your presentation with your brand image, include explanatory videos and analysis, include rendered images or any other multimedia element to provide viewers with all the information needed to communicate your designs and products. Supported multimedial files in CL3VER: .jpg, .png, .bmp, .tga, .gif (not animated) and YouTube videos.


Control elements in the scenes via JavaScript

The CL3VER API lets developers access the elements created in a CL3VER scene. This extends the possibilities of CL3VER outside the original scene to create engaging 3D interactive experiences. As a result, the API lets developers integrate CL3VER scenes as part of each unique web experience. [+] Learn More

Integrates with 3rd party data and apps

The CL3VER API also allows to integrate dynamic data from a 3rd party database withing the presentation, making of it a powerful platform for real-time data visualization.
Any 3rd party service and app, such as 3D printing, can be integrated withing CL3VER via API. [+] Learn More


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