A cloud-based authoring and publishing platform for interactive 3D in the browser

CL3VER 3.0 - Coming March 11th

No need to adapt your content. Create once and publish on any device.

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Complete Cloud Platform at your service

CL3VER is the web-based solution that lets you create interactive presentations to engage stakeholders, prospects and clients. The use of the cloud enables a seamless workflow from your 3D modeling software to a collaborative environment. Finally, CL3VER is based on WebGL making your presentations instantly available on PC & Mobile, actionable via mouse or Touch.

Complete Cloud Platform at your service
iOS App

iOS App

The CL3VER App for iOS enables iPad and iPhone users to have immersive experiences on their devices and lets them bring interactive 3D presentations anywhere even without Internet connection. There is no need to adapt the presentation for iOS devices, CL3VER does it for you. You focus on 3D content, we take care of the rest! [+] Learn MoreDownload on the App store


CL3VER presentations work in all browsers on Mac, Windows and iOS operating systems without the need to install any plugin.
You don’t have to adapt your presentations for a specific platform or device because CL3VER does it for you. Create once and publish anywhere.


Offline Publishing

Download your 3D presentation and open it in your browser without the need of an internet connection. Once the scene is created it can be downloaded as a .html file and opened with any internet browser that supports WebGL. No matter where you are, at an event, at the client offices, at the construction or production site or anywhere else your CL3VER Presentations are always available. [+] Learn More

Importing and File compression

Import your 3D models from your favorite modeling software via native plugins or via drag and drop. CL3VER will automatically compress your original 3D files by 10 times to allow your presentation to run smooth on any device.

Native plugins: Revit, 3ds Max, Maya, SketchUp, Rhino 5, SolidWorks [+] Learn More
Drag & Drop supported files: .fbx, .3ds, .dae, .kmz, .stl, .obj [+] Learn More

browser based

Browser Based Editor

No software nor expensive hardware needed. The CL3VER editor is cloud based and available via the Chrome web browser. You just have to log into your account and your can start create and edit your 3D presentations anytime and anywhere.

Interactivity editor

Create interactivity and animation without programming. The unique editor of interactivity allows to create virtual tours, product configurators and animate elements in the scene via an intuitive graphic interface. No need to have a developer at your side, the power of interactive 3D is now in the hands of architects and designers.

“Steps” to create Virtual Tours and Walkthrough [+] Learn More
“Actions” to create animation and configurators [+] Learn More

Interactivity editor


Multimedia & PDF Integration

Integrate into your 3D presentation videos, images, renders and PDF documents
to provide viewers with all the information needed to communicate your designs and products.

Supported multimedial files: .pdf, .jpg, .png, .bmp, .tga, .gif (not animated), YouTube videos
[+] Learn More

Integrated Panel Editor

Create from scratch interactive elements in the scene like buttons, panels and tooltips directly in the CL3VER editor. The production workflow is speeded up allowing you to create 2D elements without leaving the platform. Everything you need in one single editor.
[+] Learn More


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