Cloud based editor to create 3D presentations

A complete platform in your browser

All the features you need to sell your projects
Import your 3D file from your favorite modelling software, create the scene, add interactivity and publish to any device

Offline publishing

This feature allows to open an interactive 3D CL3VER presentation without the need of an internet connection. Once the scene is created it can be downloaded as a .html file and opened with any internet browser that support WebGL. No matter where you go or where you are, your 3D Presentations are always available.
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“Actions” to create animation and configurators

The action panel permits users to create powerful linear interactive animations, and impressive product configurators, to help animate presentations. Show your clients alternatives of the project to improve communication and get your project approved in a shorter time.
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Actions to create animation and configurators

“Steps” to create interactivity

Add interactivity to the scene using “Steps”. Once the scene is set and interactivity elements are ready, you just have to connect cameras with buttons and panels using the intuitive “Steps” editor. It enables to create customized Virtual tours and fly by animations in minutes.
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Use steps to create interactivity

Automatic Light Rendering (Beta)

CL3VER has a fully integrated and automatic lightmapper. This means that CL3VER will automatically bake lightmaps for your 3D scene. It also means that lightmapping is an integral part of our 3D engine – once your lightmaps are created you don’t need to do anything else, they will be automatically picked up by the objects giving the scene a photo-realistic quality.
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Automatic lightmap rendering


iOS native App

CL3VER runs in all devices, and for those that do not support WebGL the 3D scene is available in HTML5. To allow iOS users to see the scene in real-time 3D we have developed a CL3VER app. When an iOS user try to run a CL3VER scene on iOS devices an automatic window is opened and the app download is enabled. Once installed the 3D experience is guaranteed.
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CL3VER 3D iPad app


Autodesk Revit Plugin

At CL3VER we believe in the future of BIM. After the integration with the cloud based BIM of Nemetschek bim+, we will release soon the plugin for the Autodesk BIM Revit from where you will be able to import your buildings to create high quality interactive 3D presentations straight from your Revit models.
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Revit logo product

Integrated Panel editor

Create interactive elements in the scene like buttons, panels and tooltips directly in the CL3VER editor. The production workflow is accelerated with the Panel Editor integrated in CL3VER. You can now create from scratch or import and modify all UI elements direclty in the App.
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Panel editor

Multimedia Integration

CL3VER scenes allows the integration of any multimedia file such as images and videos. All the information you need to communicate your designs in one single 3D scene, combining the power of 3D and traditional multimedia.
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Integrate multimedia into the 3D scene

Architecture Material Library

A growing material library dedicated to architectural design is available in the editor. You can also edit, create or import your materials, save them in “MY MATERIALS” to create your own library.
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CL3VER material library

Revision history

CL3VER revision history system lets you manage multiple versions of your project. Anytime you save your work a copy of that version is stored and you can easily return to any of those with a simple right click directly from your workspace.

Nothing to install

CL3VER is a cloud based platform that runs in the browser so there is nothing to install. You sign up and you can start straightforward create awesome 3D projects. Also you don’t have to care about maintenance or updates because we do it for you: you focus on your project, we take care of the rest.

3D projects on any browser

CL3VER published scenes are web native, that means they are available on any browser. No plugins are required to view your projects. Share them with anyone is involved and they will see your work with a simple click.

Security and Intellectual Property Protection

Your Intellectual Property rights are fully protected with CL3VER. When the 3D scene is published your 3D model cannot be downloaded by anyone, only you have the right to access the scene. Security also include:

  • Password protection for your private projects
  • Secure Site SSL Certificate by VeriSign

Importing and file compression

3D files imported into the CL3VER editor are automatically compressed by 15 times. You can import 3D models using our plugins for 3ds Max, Maya, SketchUp and Solidworks or just by drag and drop directly in the editor .3ds, .dae, .kmz, .stl and .obj files even if compressed as .ZIP file. Automatic compression is a key feature to allow published 3D scenes running smoothly on any device.

Complete 3D scene editor

The CL3VER editor allow you to add, create and edit the essential part of the 3D scene:

  • Materials: edit and assign materials using the material library or importing your own;
  • Lights: create and edit light sources;
  • Environment: use the environment editor to change the scene;
  • Cameras: add and edit cameras.

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Easy Publishing

CL3VER scenes are available on standard URL’s accessible from any browser. This mean that interactive 3D content created with CL3VER is web native and it can be managed as a YouTube video. You can share the scene with anyone via email, social media or embed it on any website using simple HTML code iFrames. This is possible because CL3VER technology is developed in HTML5 and WebGL.
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Easy publishing