Pay per active project


A CL3VER free account gives you a complete CL3VER experience with full access to the platform, without any limitations in features and functionality available. You will have 1 Gb of space to create and save projects and 500 Mb (100 visits to the scene) of data transfer to publish and share one project with a CL3VER watermark.
A CL3VER free account allows architects, engineers, and designers to evaluate the use of the CL3VER platform for free, without any compromise.

Pricing F.A.Q.

What is an Active project?

An active project is a project that can be publicly shared with anyone with one of the following options:

  • Share publicly on the web: the project is published and available at a public URL. The project is searchable in search engines and embedded via iFrame on any web page (that is the only sharing option available for the “Bronze” plan);
  • Share via a private link: the project is available at a non-public link and anyone with the link can view the project (available for “Silver” and “Gold” plans);
  • Share privately: the project is safely shared with people that you invite via email. You can choose what each one can do with the project: view or edit (available for “Silver” and “Gold” plans).

For an active project there are no storage or model limits.

Am I charged for inactive projects?

No. Inactive projects (archived projects, or saved projects) are not considered when calculating active projects. Active projects can be archived at any time as well as new projects can be created, saved and activated at anytime.

Which payment methods are available?

You can pay via credit card or wire transfer, you decide. Credit card accepted are: American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club and JCB.

Are monthly payments available?

No. Payments are yearly based.

Are there storage limits?

There is never a storage limit. You can create and save as many projects as you want without any limit.

Is there a pay per user license option?

No. The concept of per user based pricing is not applicable to CL3VER’s per active project pricing.

What happen when a project is completed?

When an active project is completed, another active project, new or archived can take its place during the term of the subscription.

How does “Offline Publishing” work?

Once your project is Active, you will be able to download it as an .html file and open it using a WebGL compatible browser anytime and anywhere without an internet connection.

Can I share private projects with people outside my company?

Yes. You can share projects with anyone and choose what they can do with the project: view or edit. When you share a project with someone he/she will receive an email invitation to subscribe to CL3VER from where he/she will be able to access the project.

Can I host CL3VER presentations on my company servers?

Yes, the “Gold” license allows CL3VER presentations to be hosted on your company servers. With this hosting type only your CL3VER presentations will be hosted in the company servers, the rest of the CL3VER platform will remain hosted in the CL3VER cloud services. Contact us to request a quote.

Can I host the CL3VER platform on my company servers?

Yes, the “Gold” license allow the CL3VER platform to be hosted on your company servers. With this hosting type the entire CL3VER platform, the 3D engine and the presentations, will be hosted in your company servers. Contact us to request a quote.

Does CL3VER offer training?

Specific and customized training is offered by the CL3VER professional team. Contact us to request a quote.

Does CL3VER offer special prices for Education?

At CL3VER we believe that technology is the driver of the future and because of that CL3VER is free for students, schools and universities. To get a CL3VER Education License you just have to:

1. Sign up to CL3VER using your email address at the University/School;

2. Send an email to, providing the following details: a) the name of the school/university, b) a brief description of the use of CL3VER you have planned, c) a copy of your valid student/professor card or an official certificate from your school/university confirming your enrollment for the current Educational Year.

Please, notice that content created with the CL3VER Student License cannot be used for commercial purposes.