Interactive 3D Archviz Competition

The world's first contest for interactive real-time 3D architectural presentations
Open to top AEC and 3D studios, 3D artists, freelancers and students from around the world

Design without limits

Architectural and BIM projects are limited to the rules of physics and your creativity as an architect is restricted by the real world. At CL3VER we have decided to forget about limits for a while and give to any 3D artist and architect the possibility to create an interactive real-time 3D architectural presentation of their ideal building.

Create your dream building 3D model using your favorite modelling software (compatible with CL3VER), export it to CL3VER and create an interactive real-time 3D presentation available on any device. Once winners will be announced you will be able to share your presentation with all your friends via social media, or embed it on your website and give visibility to your limitless creativity.

Winners will be announced during Autodesk University 2014 taking place the first week of December.


To maintain a high level of communication and support to participants and to make sure the project presented apply to the contest topic and guidelines we require participants to subscribe via email to and include the following information:

Email Subject: Interactive 3D Archviz Competition

Email message should include:

  • email address of your CL3VER account
  • company name or profession
  • project title and description
    • Deadlines

      Call for submission: start 17/06/2014 – End 16/11/2014
      Nominees announced: 24/11/2014 – On the CL3VER Website
      Winners announced: First week of December 2014 on the CL3VER website


      1st – First place: One (1) Microsoft Surface Pro 2 – 128GB (value $999.00) + one (1) year licence of CL3VER
      2nd – Second place: One (1) Microsoft Surface 2 – 64GB (value $549.00) + one (1) year licence of CL3VER
      3rd – Third place: One (1) 3D Connexion SpaceMouse Pro (value $299.00) + one (1) year licence of CL3VER


      Kenneth Russell
      Kenneth Russell
      Ken Russell is a software engineer on the Chrome web browser team at Google, Inc, and the current chair of the WebGL working group at Khronos. Ken has over fifteen years of 3D graphics programming experience. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Master of Science in Media Arts and Sciences from the MIT Media Lab.

      Jeff Mottle
      Jeff Mottle is the Founder of CGarchitect Digital Media Corporation, the leading online magazine and user community for architectural visualization professionals. He also co-founded the CGschool, the only school to cater exclusively to architectural visualization professionals.

      Having worked in the industry since 1996, Jeff has been involved in developing and speaking at conferences around the world including: Mundos Digitales, IMAGINA, VisMasters DMVC and the American Society for Architectural Illustrators conference (ASAI). He is immersed in many areas of the industry and actively pursues initiatives that help promote the growth of the field, including CGarchitect’s yearly Architectural Visualization competition and 3D Awards.

      Jim Thacker

      Jim Thacker is editor of CG industry website CG Channel, and contributing editor to concept art website ArtStation. He was previously editor-in-chief of 3D World, then the best-selling international magazine for 3D artists, for seven years.

      He recently served as development editor on Focal Press’s production handbook Production Pipeline Fundamentals for Films and Games, and worked with 3DTotal on its Digital Art Masters series of tutorial-based art books.

      He has lectured on the subject of 3D and visual effects at venues ranging from the UK’s National Portrait Gallery to the Norwegian Film Institute.

      Lynette profile 200x200
      Lynette Clee

      Lynette Clee is the Studio Manager and Editor at She has been working with digital artists since 2006, commissioning and art directing projects for books, magazines and websites.

      Lynette entered the 3D industry in 2006 as an early member of 3dtotal. In 2010, she joined 3D Artist magazine as the News Editor, later becoming the Acting Editor in 2012 during which time she helped strengthen the title into the high-class publication that exists today. In 2013, Lynette rejoined the 3dtotal crew as Studio Manager and Editor to help bring a host of new projects to life for the 3D community.

      Projects evaluation Criteria

      The judging of the challenge will be performed the Judges. Winners will be chosen following the requirements below:

      • Level and quality of interactivity and user experience
      • CL3VER features use
      • Quality of the 3D architectural renderings

      General Rules

      • Subscription is required participate to the competition.
      • Project submissions must be done by sending an email to with subject “Submission to Interactive 3D Archviz Competition” that includes the links (URL’s) to the published projects in the date limits defined in “Deadlines“.
      • Interactive 3D presentations must be created using the CL3VER platform. To be able to use the CL3VER platform you must sign up to the CL3VER FREE plan.
      • There is no limitation for participants, you can be a 3D Artist, a Student, a professional architect or a 3D visualization studio or anyone that have passion for 3D. The competition is open to everyone, including teams, legal entities and people from all over the world.
      • Each participant can submit up to three (3) 3D presentations.
      • By submitting you agree that may use your submission(s), fully credited, for promotional purposes on their websites and/or marketing collateral. You will retain all copyrights to your work.
      • By submitting to the Interactive 3D Arch Viz competition, you warrant that you have obtained permission to submit the works for public display. If your submissions are selected they will not be displayed publicly until the second week of August 2014.
      • Judging will be performed by judges selected by CL3VER. Judges will be responsible for selection and scoring of all submitted works.
      • Judges are subject to be added without prior notice.
      • Some physically shipped prizes may incur taxes or import duties depending upon the winner’s country of resident. The winner is responsible for all such fees and duties.
      • Due to embargoes and import rules, some prizes may not be able to be shipped to the winner’s country of residence. You will be notified if you reside in an embargoed country. In such an event, there will be no cash or alternate prize awarded.
      • Prizes are subject to change or substitute without prior notice.
      • By submitting to the Interactive 3D Arch Viz competition you agree to create a “Making Of” article for the CL3VER blog if requested. This article will be also promoted through CL3VER social media channels.


      For any question or information you can contact us anytime at