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What is CL3VER?

CL3VER it's a cloud based tool to create interactive 3D presentations for web and mobile.

Who is it for?

CL3VER is a useful tool for Architects and the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) industry to easily create interactive 3D presentations that enable clients to see their building from different angles, inside or outside, see and compare alternative designs. CL3VER helps improve communication client-architect from the early stages of the project getting feedback faster and get projects approved in shorter time.

But CL3VER is an innovative and useful tool for several other industries that can benefit from interactive 3D visualization. You can find more information about the use of CL3VER in our Industry page.

What is it for?

With CL3VER you can create 3D Virtual Tours, 3D Architectural Presentations, 3D Architectural configurators.

How does CL3VER work?

CL3VER does not require any software installation nor any application. CL3VER works in the browser and the application runs in the cloud so there is no need for updates or maintenance. CL3VER is an innovative technology developed in HTML5, based on WebGL library and also working in Flash. The CL3VER editor works on Google Chrome browser. To use CL3VER:

  • Create an account here;
  • Once in your account you select a template and the editor is opened;
  • Upload a 3D model or scene in one of our supported formats by using one of our plugins or by or importing via drag & drop;
  • Create and edit the scene and once you're done you click the button "Publish" and the 3D scene will be directly available on a simple URL.

How do I publish CL3VER scenes to a website?

The easiest way is to embed the content into your website using an iFrame. Create the iFrame by pressing “publish” inside CL3VER and it will take you to a window that includes a pure link and an HTML snippet, copy the second to your clipboard and paste it into an HTML document. You can find more information on the "Publishing tutorial".

How can I have CL3VER scenes working on vBulletin?

The guys from vBulletin prepared a dedicated post in their Forum with instructions about how to Embed CL3VER 3D scenes in vBulletin.

What are the minimum system requirements

CL3VER does not require any software installation nor any application. CL3VER runs in the browser. Your hardware needs to be equipped with a powerful graphic card to run 3D smoothly. Our recommendations are:


Any Mac with Intel Core 2 duo or above, or any Mac Pro tower with dedicated GPU and Power PC and above.


  • Graphics memory: Recommended are at least 256 MB
  • Principally, WebGL should work with all graphics cards that support OpenGL 2.1 (or higher) resp. OpenGL ES 2.0 (special driver required). That applies generally to all contemporary graphics cards from nVidia, AMD, or Intel, but also to the latest integrated graphics chips. A possible difficulty concerns drivers (especially when working with Windows), since drivers on board often only provide am insufficient support or no support at all for OpenGL.
  • Recommendation (Windows): Install the latest drivers of the graphics card fabricator.

3D File size limits, CL3VER scene performances, Minimum System Requirements

3D presentation size definition
Data in this table refers to the CL3VER 3D presentation. You can check the size of your presentation in the CL3VER editor once you have saved your project: from top menu select "Project" and then "Statistics".

Scene Size Vertices Triangles 3D Size Texture size
Small 35K 70K 0.5MB 2MB
Medium 140K 120K 2MB 2.5MB
Large 410K 530K 4.5MB 4.5MB
BIM 1M 2M 20MB 50MB

System Requirements and Loading time references

Scene Size Examples *Loading time
System Requirements
Small House
5 - 15 i3/2GB/1GB
Medium Car 15 - 25 i3/2GB/1GB
Large Tower 25 - 30 i5/4GB/2GB
BIM TBA >30 i7/8GB/2GB
*Loading time of CL3VER presentation is based on test made using the following devices:
Test A
  • Internet Download Speed: 30Mbps
  • OS: Windows 7
  • CPU: intel CORE i7
  • RAM: 4GB
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 610M 2GB
Test B
  • Internet Download Speed: 42Mbps
  • OS: OS X Mavericks
  • CPU: intel CORE i5
  • RAM: 8GB
  • GPU: Intel Iris 1024MB

How can I enable WebGL on Safari for Mac?

In Safari:
  • Open the Safari menu and select Preferences
  • Click the Advanced tab in the Preferences window
  • Then, at the bottom of the window, check the Show Develop menu in menu bar checkbox
  • Then, open the Develop menu in the menu bar and select Enable WebGL
Have fun!

I have problems using CL3VER from my office. What can I do?

If you try to access your CL3VER account from an Internet connection protected by Firewall, make sure the Port 8080 is enabled, otherwise you won't be able to use the CL3VER. Anytime you're trying to access your CL3VER account from a private company Internet connection and you have problem, contact with the System Admin and make sure the Port 8080 is enabled.

Which desktop browsers are compatible with the CL3VER editor?

The CL3VER editor works best with Google Chrome browser.

Which desktop browsers are compatible with CL3VER scenes?

Mac OS X operative system

Mavericks (10.9) Mountain Lion (10.8) Lion (10.7) Snow Lepard (10.6)
Chrome WebGL WebGL WebGL WebGL
Firefox WebGL WebGL WebGL WebGL
Safari 7 Flash
Safari 6 Flash Flash
Safari 5.1 Flash Flash

Windows operative system

Windows 8.1 Windows 8 Windows 7 Windows XP
Chrome WebGL WebGL WebGL WebGL
Firefox Flash Flash Flash Flash
IE 11 WebGL WebGL
IE 10 Flash Flash
IE 9 Flash Flash Flash
You can check here if your browser is WebGL compatible. You can also install chrome frame on less modern browsers.

Which mobile OS are compatible with CL3VER scenes?

CL3VER scenes runs in all mobile devices, Android and iOS in HTML5. To allow immersive 3D experiences on iOS (iPad and iPhone) we have developed the CL3VER App that the user can download when visiting a CL3VER scene.

How do I create a CL3VER account?

Create an account is fast and free:
  • Go to our sign up page, or click here;
  • Fill in the form with your details and click "Sign up";
  • You will receive an email to your address from no-reply@cl3ver.com including a "verify address" link that you must click to activate your account;
  • Done, your account is created and you can start using the application straight forward.
Have fun!

How do I subscribe to a CL3VER plan?

Once you have created a CL3VER account:
  • Make the login;
  • Click on "Account Type" at top right of the page;
  • Account type
  • There you go, you landed to your account page where you can select the plan that better fits your need and proceed with the payment.
Many thanks to become a CL3VER user!

Do I have to subscribe to a plan to create a CL3VER account?

No, you don't. CL3VER subscription is free forever. You can check what the FREE plan include at our pricing page or you can subscribe now.

What happen to my account when I unsubscribe from a CL3VER Plan?

When you unsubscribe from a plan your account will be converted to a FREE plan.

How do I manage my CL3VER account?

Manage your CL3VER account is easy. Read our short tutorial to learn how to edit and update your profile, account and newsletter preferences.

How do I cancel a CL3VER account?

Are you sure you want to cancel your account? If so no problem, send us an email to support@cl3ver.com with your account email address and we will proceed with the account cancellation. All information associated with it will be deleted. We will keep you informed about the status of your cancellation process.

Plans and pricing

Once you subscribe to a CL3VER plan your subscription is automatically renewed every month. You can cancel your subscription at any time. Cancellation will be effective on the first day of the next full month following the cancellation notice. For more information about our cancellation policy go to our Terms and Conditions page.

Free plan

The CL3VER Free plan offer a limited use of the editor. The editor is always accessible to modify existing projects or create new ones. You're limited in the number of projects you can publish per month but you can create and save, without publish, an unlimited number of projects.

Professional plan billed monthly

The subscription to a Professional plan billed monthly is automatically renewed every month. All limits to this plan are monthly based: after the 30 days your limit will be updated. You can cancel your subscription at any time. Cancellation will be effective on the first day of the next full month following the cancellation notice. For more information about our cancellation policy go to our Terms and Conditions page.

Professional plan billed yearly

The subscription to a Professional plan billed yearly is considered as a one-time payment. Limits to this plan are yearly based. If after 12 months you want to renovate your subscription you must enter your account and follow the subscription process again.

Enterprise plan

Enterprise plans are custom made based on the client needs. This is why in order to subscribe to it you must previously contact us and tell us about your needs. Enterprise plans are yearly based and one-time payment. Limits to this plan are yearly based.

What is data transfer?

Data transfer is the quantity of Mb downloaded from the users to the posted content. A unique visitor to a published CL3VER scene is defined by CL3VER as a 5 (five) Mb of data transfer. This data is based on an average estimation that can help you estimate the amount of data transfer you need for your plan depending on the number of visits you have forecast for your published scene. To calculate the rough number of visits included in your plan based on data transfer use the following formula: Visits = (Data transfer in your plan in Mb)/5.

What happen if I exceed the data transfer contracted with my plan?

Before exceeding data transfer you will be notified by CL3VER via email so you will have time to better forecast the traffic to your scenes and upgrade to a new plan or contact us to buy extra traffic. Once you exceed the data transfer, your scenes won't be available anymore. Instead of the interactive scene your users will see a default CL3VER image. You will be able to continue to use the App and also publish scenes but they won't be available.

What's the difference between publish and save a project in CL3VER?

Published scenes are available on a published URL so you can share them or publish on your website. Saved projects are not available on a published URL so the project is only available in your account and you can open and edit it anytime but not share it with anyone.

How can I use a coupon code?

Use coupon codes is very easy, you only have to follow 4 simple steps:

1Login into your account

CL3VER Login page for coupons

2Click on the tab "Account Type" at the top-right of your account page

Change plan cl3ver

3Select the CL3VER plan you want to subscribe to and click on "Buy now"

4Copy and paste you code in the "Coupon code" box and complete the purchase filling in the rest of data required Cl3ver coupon code box

How can I import my works to CL3VER?

We have plugins for the following modeling softwares: Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk Maya, Sketchup and SolidWorks. You only have to go to our plugin page.

Which formats are supported in CL3VER?

CL3VER currently supports .3ds, .dae, .kmz, .stl and .obj through direct “drag and drop” import to CL3VER. Just drag a zip file or all the elements into CL3VERs main window, and go! If you are an Autodesk 3ds Max or Maya, SolidWorks or SketchUp user, use our import plugin!

What is the max polycount for CL3VER scenes?

Recommendation for the high-end settings is a machine with no less then 8 GB of RAM memory (recommended 16 GB) and i7 core processor. The following file size are for the project in CL3VER.

To view the size of your project in CL3VER, open the project, click on top menu "Project" and then "Statistics".

  • Maximum 3d files: 15,000 KB - 15 MB - recommended: 7,000KB - 7MB
  • Maximum 2d files: 35,000 KB - 35 MB - recommended: 18,000KB - 18MB

Regarding DAE, OBJ, MAX or SKP files, the max would be 50MB on a single export, and it is recommended to import smaller file sizes: dividing the scene into 5 files x 10MB, would be more efficient, and permit adding more files, this is a better workflow than just exporting ONE 50MB file.

This info is based on maximum data possible, at the moment this is for PC´s not MAC´s.

Could UV's maps exported from 3ds max be used in CL3VER?

The UV´s created in 3ds Max are supported in the CL3VER engine, and in fact are required for the use of the baked textures in channel 2 for Lightmaps/Ambient Occlusion.

Can I save my 3ds max shaders and textures and use them in CL3VER?

Yes, all map channels are supported with some exceptions. The one supported are the following:
  • Ambient map
  • Diffuse map
  • Emisive map
  • Specular and Reflection maps
  • Normal maps
  • Bump map
  • Alpha maps
  • Opacity map and Ambient Occlusion map (in channel 2 for the UV´s).

Can I use v-ray shenes created in 3ds max with CL3VER?

Yes, but you will have to import the baked texture created in V-Ray into the map channels of the standard 3ds Max materials, as CL3VER does not support the the V-Ray shaders.

When I make a complex shaders in v-ray in 3ds max does the CL3VER convert it correctly?

At the current moment the shaders created in V-Ray, have to be converted to 3ds Max standard shaders. This is due to CL3VER supporting currently only 3ds Max standard features in the shaders on exporting. For example: Ambient map, Diffuse map, Emisive map, Specular and Reflection maps, Normal maps, Bump map, Alpha maps, Opacity map and Ambient Occlusion map.

Are environment maps such as hdri's supported in CL3VER?

They can be used in the Environment panel, as Background maps, Reflection maps(Global) or as Global image based lighting, where features such as Intensity, Exponent and bias can be changed.

Can I run CL3VER on linux?

Of Course! As long as your hardware and browser requirements are met!

What are the supported texture file format in CL3VER?

Supported texture formats in CL3VER are the following:
  • .BMP
  • .PNG
  • .JPG
Before importing textures in CL3VER make sure they're in the above file format, if not convert them before importing.

What are the recommended texture dimensions to be used in CL3VER?

The recommended texture dimensions should not exceed 2048 pixels, the texture will be loaded into the scene but unless the reduced dimensions you will not be able to save or publish the scene. Recommended dimensions should be:
128X128 px 256x256 px 512x512 px 1024x1024 px 2048x2048 px

Is my published 3D scene secure?

When a CL3VER 3D scene is published it cannot be downloaded by anyone. Furthermore cl3ver html code is”obfuscated”, meaning we make code is unreadable by another human being but at the same time your computer can still interpret want your code wants to execute.

Is my 3D model secure on the CL3VER cloud?

CL3VER cloud services are stored in a 3dr party cloud service provider. The security of the content uploaded into your CL3VER workspace is guaranteed by leading web service provider Amazon. To find our more detailed information about Amazon Cloud Service security visit the ASW Security Center.

Can CL3VER use my published scenes for promotional purposes?

CL3VER scenes created with the FREE plan are public and they can be used by CL3VER for promotional purposes, publishing them on the CL3VER gallery and/or promote them through social media. CL3VER scenes created with the "Professional" and "Enterprise" plans are private and they cannot be used by CL3VER without written permission of the account owner.

What is password protection?

Password protection is only available for "Professional" and "Enterprise" plans. While publishing a project a password can be set so the scene it's only available to the users you want. Nobody else can view the scene without the password. You can find out more on our Publishing tutorial.
If you still have questions: If you didn't find out the information you need to use CL3VER here you have more resources: