Easy animation and configurators using “Actions”

Easy animation and configurators using “Actions”

In the last CL3VER Release 2.0 we have introduced the concept of “Steps” that enable users to create interactive experiences as simply as if they were adding slides to a PowerPoint presentation. Today we move a step forward and we introduce “Actions”.

What are CL3VER “Actions”?

The new “Action” tab in the CL3VER editor permits users to create powerful linear interactive animations, and impressive product configurators, to help animate presentations.
For architects, having the possibility to present a project including variations and options is key to improve communication with clients. It also reduce the time to market, speeding up the decision process including options since the beginning. A simple example can be found in the CL3VER demo “3D House Virtual Tour” embedded below. In the main menu at “OPTIONS” we have included two buttons “Window tints” and “Wall paint” that allow to set different colors to windows and external walls of the house.

This is a pretty simple example but there is much more you can do. You can include the option to add a porch, a room, different roof options, a swiming pool and any other option you can offer the client. When the user explore the scene he/she can play with different configuration and tell the architect which is the best option so the project can be developed starting from this configuration. This approach avoid the need of create one projects for each option, instead CL3VER allow to create one single project with several configurable options.

Easy an intuitive interface

The interface has been developed using the same concept for “Steps” and if you want to learn how “Actions” works in the editor we have prepared this tutorial for you.

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