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CL3VER announces new features for its new version 1.1

CL3VER has been updated to the new version 1.1, which contains several new features and improvements.

The biggest feature is the new script editor integrated in the designer, that permits embedding  scripts in the scene, edit them inside the designer and preview immediately the results. This workflow improvement accelerates and simplifies the creation of complex interactivity while using CL3VER’s easy to use API.

CL3VER 3D tower demo code

Picture 1: Screenshot of the script editor integrated in the designer

All CL3VER demos (that can be opened in the editor and used as examples) have been updated using this new feature, so users can easily create advanced scene interactivity with a simple copy and paste of the code.

The API has been updated, with better support for animations and dynamically load images for product configurators.

CL3VER Materials library

Picture 2: Integrated material Library

The designer has also been updated with an integrated material library, copy and paste elements, better support for UI customization, more options for social media and a responsive design for the UI elements.

The 3D engine has also been optimized and now supports bigger scenes. The green building tour is a small demonstration of this.

Demo – 3D Architectural Presentation: Green Tower

Finally the version 2.0 of the plugin for Autodesk 3ds Max has been released which includes several improvements like better support for big scenes and V-Ray materials.

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