Interactive 3D Anatomy of the Foot and Ankle

CL3VER for Medical presentations – Anatomy of the foot and ankle

3D presentations are essential to simplify complex information. In this demo at CL3VER we have used 3D to show the Anatomy of the foot and ankle. It’s easy and immediate to see the different results you can reach with a 3D scene compared with a traditional 2D image you can find on the web (ex.¬†wikipedia: Foot).

3D Medical Presentation – 3D Anatomy of the foot and ankle

With this demo we wanted to demonstrate that with CL3VER it is possible to create a well done explanatory scene without the need for programming because there is no code behind this scene. All the information included in this medical 3D presentation have been created by using just the interactive buttons feature that allow to include interactive buttons in the scene by using customized images in 2D.

If you are interested in knowing how we did this demo, follow our blog and soon you will have the answer. At the same time you can subscribe to our free trial and try by yourself or write us if you need support.

  1. Ricardo Sanchez Schulz
    Ricardo Sanchez SchulzSeptember 26,13

    The geometry and the rendering are outstanding.
    !Congratulations¬° Lets wait now for WebCL from Khronos!

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